In August 2006 we headed up to far north Queensland for some sun and sand. We enjoyed 11 days exploring Port Douglas, Cape Tribulation, a town called Mareeba up on the Atherton tablelands and Cairns. We were amazed by the scenery there, including the gorgeous beaches (of course), the dynamic Daintree rainforest, and the tablelands. We now understand why this area of Australia is such an attraction for overseas tourists - as far as "oh my gosh" factor goes, it truly rivalled many other signts in the world that we've visited.

We spent one day snorkelling in the low isles of the Great Barrier Reef. Amongst other things, we also enjoyed sea-kayaking, walks through the rainforest, canoeing and figuring out how to crack open coconuts. We also found a new appreciation of how many things can kill or seriously hurt you in the tropics - plants, crocodiles, coconuts, large birds, just to name a few!